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Merry Holidays Beatery faithful!

Are you ready for some ho ho house? I had the great please to throw down with the Duck Pond for Santacon in San Francisco this year! What do you play for 200 dirty drunk Santas?? Unapologetic Funky/Dirty House, Electro and Breaks with a stocking full of covers tracks, of course!! Full disclosure: the audio output from my controller was all glitchy so I had to re-record the mix, but that did allow me to throw on the fun Christmas intro and outro :D


Those in the Bay Area come on out and see me play with my new Airpusher crew this Saturday 12/18!

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Congrats Steve & Jessi!

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Last weekend, I attended the wedding of two of my best buddies (and Beatery loyals). And since they asked me to spin at their awesome reception at Project One, I used the occasion to record another increasing-rare podcast. Here’s the set from that night. Enjoy!


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Cptn Jay – Live on KZSU 2013

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For my loooooong overdue return to the Beatery* I come a new name, new affiliation and… of course, a boat load of fresh beats! Well, a ship load would be more fitting, an AIRship load to be exact.

*Holly cow it’s been over a full year….

I’ve been so blessed to actualize one of my long standing DJ goals: partnering up with a EDM based, sound dedicated Burning Man mutant vehicle and affiliated San Francisco DJ collective. Our name is Airpusher and our vehicle is the Airpusher Steampunk Airship which made its first appearance on the Playa this year :D As the new kids on the block there were some growing pains and lessons learned, but the trials and tribulations we faced were faaaar outweighed by the incredible budding community we forged, and drowned out by the consistently amazing music being pushed forth from our speakers!

When I got invited to play on KZSU’s “Big Love Show” two weeks ago fresh off the Playa, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to make a “greatest hits” of what I was playing on the Airship. The whole set really represents a ride on Airpusher across the desert night and into the sunrise.

So without further adieu, jump on board and fly with me! Full track list after the jump.

Were you at Burning Man this year? Any thoughts on the music??

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DJ Cor – Funk a Duck: Live @ Vertigo

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Taking a look back through our last posts, it seems we haven’t posted a new podcast yet this year. Sigh… I’m going to stop apologizing for the lack of content on the site recently, because it gives the impression that we’re going to pick it back up again. Unfortunately, I’m not sure our glacial pace of new posts will change anytime soon, but I promise you this: when I have new music to share, I will share it here. Keep subscribed to the RSS feed, and you’ll see new content when I post it.*

And today is one such day. Last weekend I played a set for one of the Duck Pond’s pre-burn fundraisers at Vertigo in San Francisco. And since recording these days is as easy as pressing a button on my laptop, I figured why not. Personally, I think my mixing on this one is pretty rough. Definitely not up to my standards, but I’m posting it because I am quite fond of the tracks. It’s been a long while since I departed from the electo swing to lay something funky down, so I’m happy to have a new compilation of booty-shakers.** Hope you enjoy it.

FUNK A DUCK (right-click to download)

* I do happen to know that Jay is sitting on more than few live mixes of his own. I’m putting this here so everyone bugs him to post them.
** Oh, this reminds me that I do have that 404 Beats electro swing set to post. I’ll do that one next.

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DJ Cor at 404 Beats (and new tunes!)

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Well, hey there! Sorry it’s been so long. Looks like we’ve all got our own extracurricular activities keeping us busy. Jay is building hisself a goddamn sweet art car for Burning Man, and I’m attempting to raise a halfway decent human being. It’s not that we don’t have music we want to share, it’s just that we haven’t had the time to share it. If it makes you feel any better, we’re feeling a bit guilty for the severe level of neglect.

And now I’m only hopping on for self promotion! That’s right, I’m dusting off the ol’ DJing rig, and heading out to play a benefit called 404 Beats in San Francisco later this month. The organization behind the event is BAVC (Bay Area Video Coalition). They provide creative media education for low-income bay area youth, including digital audio; something any reader of this blog can get behind. If you’re in the San Francisco area, please consider coming out to support this event. The full info is below, and if the cause doesn’t convince you, maybe the fact that it’s probably one of the only opportunities this year you’ll get to hear me play will.

Okay, I can’t do you like that. I can’t just post for the first time in months without providing you loyalists with some new music. So, here’s a sampling of some Electro Blues tracks I’ve been into recently. It seems to me that the sub-genre is on the rise thanks in part to the popularity of Electro Swing, especially in the wake of C2C’s massive Electro Blues club hit “Down the Road”. Like Electro Swing, it combines sounds of the early 20th century with modern elements… elements such as dope beats and fat bass. Here are a few of my favorites, ranging from downtempo to hard-hitting electro. If you like these tracks, know that I’ll probably play a couple at the 404 Beats party, which (in case I didn’t already hammer home the point) you should totally attend. Enjoy!


Son of Dave – Devil Take My Soul

Swing Republic – Cryin’ at Daybreak

K-Thoery – Good & Gone

D-Funk – Banjo Blues



When: Thursday, June 13th, 8PM-1AM
Where: Public Works, 161 Erie St, SF
Get tickets HERE!

UPDATE: I have promotion friend codes for $10 tickets! If you want one, drop me a comment below and I’ll send it to you.

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